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Jeff Tucker, solo / Jeff Tucker Band 
itinerary last updated:   February 26, 2024 
Sat Jan 6.........Kora Brew House & Wine Bar, Bryan, OH (6:30-9:30) solo 
Sat Jan 13.......Reese Party, Powell, OH (6:30-8:30) solo 
Sat Jan 20.......Bevington Party, Easton Towne Center, Columbus, OH (6:30-9:30) solo 
Sat Jan 26.......Collision Bend Brewing Co., Cleveland, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Fri Feb 16........Third Fridays, 78th Street Studios, Cleveland, OH (5:30-8:30) solo 
Sat Feb 17......The Treelawn Social Club, Cleveland, OH (8:00pm) solo 
Fri Mar 1..........Cleveland Metroparks Fireside Concert Series, Cleveland, OH (7:00) band 
Sat Mar 2........Kora Brew House & Wine Bar, Bryan, OH (6:30-9:30) solo 
Sat Mar 9........Fairways Bar & Grill, Sylvania, OH (8:00-11:00) solo 
Sat Mar 17......Wilson Party, Bethel Park, PA (1:00) solo 
Fri Apr 5..........Sylvania Country Club, Sylvania, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Thu Apr 11......Underground at Uptown Indigo, Shelby, NC (7:00-10:00) solo 
Thu Apr 18......Third Thursday Concert Series, Durham, NC (11:30am-1:30pm) solo 
Fri Apr 19........Dewey's Bar & Bistro, Jacksonville, NC (7:00-10:00) solo 
Sat Apr 20.......Virginia Country Living Festival, Augusta County Expo Center, Fishersville, VA 
Sun Apr 21......Virginia Country Living Festival, Augusta County Expo Center, Fishersville, VA 
Fri May 3.........Sylvania Country Club, Sylvania, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Sat May 11.....Music in the Garden, 577 Foundation, Perrysburg, OH (11:00am -1:00pm) solo 
Tue May 21....Tremont Farmer's Market, Lincoln Park, Cleveland, OH (4:30-6:30) solo 
Sun May 26.....Bay Point Resort, Marblehead, OH (1:00-4:00) solo 
Fri Jun 14........Lunch in the Park, Bowling Green, OH (11:30am-1:00pm) solo 
Fri Jun 14........Kora Brew House & Wine Bar, Bryan, OH (6:30-9:30) solo 
Sat Jun 15......Gillig Winery, Findlay, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Sun Jun 16......Concert in the Park, Bowling Green, OH (7:00) band 
Sat Jun 22......Jacob's Farm, Traverse City, MI  (6:00-9:00) band 
Sat Jun 29......Orchard, Catawba Island, OH  (7:00-10:00) band 
Fri Jul 5...........Orchard, Catawba Island, OH  (7:00-10:00) band 
Sat Jul 6..........Devil's Lake Yacht Club, Manitou Beach, MI  (8:30-11:30) band 
Sat Jul 13........Bay Point Resort, Marblehead, OH (1:00-4:00) solo 
Fri Jul 19.........Orchard, Catawba Island, OH  (7:00-10:00) band 
Fri Jul 26.........Orchard, Catawba Island, OH  (7:00-10:00) band 
Fri Aug 2.........Sylvania Country Club, Sylvania, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Sat Aug 10......Bay Point Resort, Marblehead, OH (1:00-4:00) solo 
Fri Aug 16.......Orchard, Catawba Island, OH  (7:00-10:00) band 
Sat Aug 24......Orchard, Catawba Island, OH  (7:00-10:00) band 
Sun Aug 25.....Douglas Lake Bar & Steakhouse, Pellston, MI (6:00-9:00) solo 
Fri Oct 4..........Kora Brew House & Wine Bar, Bryan, OH (6:30-9:30) solo 
Thu Oct 10......Underground at Uptown Indigo, Shelby, NC (7:00-10:00) solo 
Fri Oct 11........Amelia River Cruises, Adult Twilight BYOB Cruise, Fernandina Beach, FL (5:30-7:30) solo 
Sat Oct 12.......Fernandina Beach Marketplace, Amelia Island, FL (9:00am-1:00pm) solo 
Thu Oct 17......Third Thursday Concert Series, Durham, NC (11:30-1:00) solo 
Fri Nov 15.......Third Fridays, 78th Street Studios, Cleveland, OH (5:30-8:30) solo 
Fri Nov 29.......Sylvania Country Club, Sylvania, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Sat Nov 30......Gillig Winery, Findlay, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Fri Dec 20.......Sylvania Country Club, Sylvania, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Sat Dec 21......Kora Brew House & Wine Bar, Bryan, OH (6:30-9:30) solo 
Sat Feb 15......Gillig Winery, Findlay, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
Sat Nov 22......Gillig Winery, Findlay, OH (6:00-9:00) solo 
~ Jeff Tucker Band ~ 
"Time" (written by Waters / Gilmour / Mason / Wright) 
Odmark Performance Pavilion 
Charlevoix, Michigan  
July 24, 2022  
~ Jeff Tucker Solo ~ 
(excerpt) "Going Home to Graceland" (written by Jeff Tucker)  
"Sandman" (written by Dewey Bunnel)  
"Romeo & Juliet" (written by Mark Knopfler)  
Project i Am / Acoustics for Autism #11 
Maumee, Ohio 
~ Jeff Tucker Band ~ 
"I'd Love to Change the World" (written by Alvin Lee)  
G. Marsten Dame Memorial Park 
July 23, 2021 
~ Jeff Tucker Solo ~ 
"What a Wonderful World" (written by Thiele & Weiss)  
Junius-Lindsay Vineyard 
Lexington, North Carolina  
May 28, 2022 
(419) 537-3538  
I began playing music professionally while a high school and college student in New Orleans in the late 70's and early 80's.  I'm sure that if I had begun my career in other city, my survival as a fulltime musician would have been short-lived.  The music history, the vibrant music culture, and the experience of working and competing in the tourist/entertainment based economy of New Orleans taught me the difference between a "rock star" and a "professional musician." The lesson was invaluable because, while I've never been a rock star, I have been blessed to earn 100% of my income as a performing musician for over 30 years. 
It was a Halloween party for 300 girls...as member of the band Free Flight 
I was 16. And I'm pretty sure I've never played a better gig than that one. 
After eight years spent in the trade show/special event/off-site marketing industry, I returned to a life of music in 1994 and have never looked back.  Between band and solo performances, I've played well-over 4,000 shows since 1994...I haven't had time to look back! 
I formed the band On the Beach in 1995. My first CD of original music was released in 1997, but the primary focus was simple: earn a living playing music by playing as many shows as humanly possible. Between 1995-2001, we averaged over 200 shows a year by combining summers that included 2 shows a day / 7 days a week on the Lake Erie Islands circuit with a winter routine of 5 shows a week in Northern Michigan hotels and ski resorts.  Although more than 70 different musicians appeared on stage as part of On the Beach over the years...a core group of players became a family of players...the band got tight, and we got good.   
Following the release of the On the Beach "People & Places" CD in 2001, our repertoire included enough of my songs to support concerts of original music and the emphasis shifted from playing the island bar, casino, ski resort circuit - to featuring original music at fairs, festivals, and concert events of all shapes and sizes...including what must have been every single gazebo in the states of Ohio and Michigan. Between 1995-2015, Jeff Tucker & On the Beach played over 3,000 shows. We twice performed live on the Mitch Albom Show for a national ABC Radio network audience of 2.5 million listeners.  In 2005, after a decades-long tradition of having the Toledo Symphony simulcast live during the City of Toledo's Fourth of July celebration, On the Beach became the first pop act to be featured during the event - performing before the fireworks for an audience of over 70,000. Over the course of the next ten years, the band was always in demand and always worked, but On the Beach eventually became more of a brand than an actual band - so, after 20 years, I retired the name in 2015.  The name was retired but I still work with musicians from every phase of my career, and members of the On the Beach family are always part of "the band".  Original music is still very much a part of me and what I do...my most recent CD of original music, "Rock & Roll Soul" was released in 2017. 
157 SHOWS IN 9 STATES IN 2023 
From 2013-Covid19, I served as the exclusive performer for all events east of the Colorado Rockies for Global Exchange Events,one of the nation's leading producers of appointment-based business-to-business events held at some of the South's finest hotel-resort properties. Seven years of Exchange Events performances in  New Orleans, Amelia Island, Austin,  Naples, Boca Raton, Miami, Palm Beach, Charleston, and the Carolina Lowcountry provided invaluable exposure to an ever-growing list of corporate and private event clientele. The band and I have been as busy as ever the past couple of years, and I look forward to continuing our roll right into 2024.  See you there!    JT 
I have a proven track record of professionalism, a long history of repeat concert,  
corporate, private, and special event clientele, and I offer competitive band and solo performance rates from  
Northern Michigan to South Florida...New Orleans & the Gulf Coast to the Carolina Lowcountry. 
Available seven days a week, year-round.  
Jeff Tucker Music is not BBB accredited 
Partial list of recent corporate clientele: 
Global Exchange Events, Darien, CT* 
Innovaccer, San Francisco, CA 
Shell Energy, Dublin, OH 
Meeting Architects, San Diego, CA* 
AVNET, Phoenix, AZ* 
Newell Brands, Atlanta, GA 
Justice Retail, New Albany, OH* 
Naylor Association Solutions, Gainesville, FL 
USFN, Santa Ana, CA 
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, Indianapolis, IN 
Sysco, Houston, TX* 
Memorial Healthcare System, Miramar, FL 
Source50 Summits, Stamford, CT* 
National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Arlington, TX 
NetWorld Media Group, Louisville, KY* 
Brand Innovation Group, Fort Wayne, IN 
Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI 
MWH Global, Broomfield, CO 
Great Dane Trailers, Chicago, IL 
St John, Palm Beach, FL 
Keystone Asset Management, Lansdale, PA 
Lanxess AG Chemicals Company, Cologne, DE 
University of Michigan School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Ann Arbor, MI* 
Snap-On Tools, Kenosha, WI 
Group Management Services Inc, Richfield, OH 
Wadsworth Solutions, Perrysburg OH* 
Aquatherm Industries, Lakewood, NJ 
Flat Rock Metal Inc, Flat Rock, MI* 
ThorWorks Industries / Sealmaster, Sandusky, OH* 
Marriott International, Bethesda, MD 
Carhartt, Dearborn, MI 
IMN Information Management Network, London, UK 
  * indicates multiple performances