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Jeff Tucker 
(419) 478-0305 
I began what grew into a music career as a kid in New Orleans. It's safe to say that if I had first explored a music career in just about any city other than New Orleans, I probably would have spent my life doing something entirely different for a living.  By exposing me to all sorts of working musicians who demonstrated both professionalism and virtuosity, but were far from household names, New Orleans taught me the difference between a 'professional musician' and a 'rock star'. 
After valuable time spent traveling the country as a part of various bands, as a sideman, and as a solo act - followed by eight years in the trade show/special events industry, I came to Toledo, Ohio, drawn by logistics, in the early 90's.  I rededicated myself to a life of music in 1994, and formed the band On the Beach soon after. The band, and the name, Jeff Tucker & On the Beach were very good to me for twenty years and well-over 3,000 performances. I retired the name three years ago. 
With the help of an extended musical family of world-class musicians from Northern Ohio & Southeast Michigan, Nashville, and New Orleans, I provide quality, professional performances that are both musically-inspired and appropriate for the occaision:  from festival & special event stages, to concert venues and corporate and private functions of all shapes and sizes from Northern Michigan to South Florida, New Orleans to the Carolina Low Country. 
My friends and I look forward to performing for you in 2017. 
Jeff Tucker 
January 2017