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Jeff Tucker - Toledo, Ohio 
Offering competitive band and solo performance rates  
...from Northern Michigan to South Florida; 
...from New Orleans & the Gulf Coast 
to the Carolina Lowcountry 
(419) 478-0305 
Sometime during the second half of 2018, I will play the 4,000th performance of my career. The 4,000th show might be a concert at an amphitheater in a beautiful city park in Northern Michigan; it could take place at an oceanside bandshell concert venue, or a poolside corporate engagement in Florida; it could very-well happen at a private event in the Carolina Lowcountry or a French Quarter hotel…or a summer festival or concert series in Toledo or Northwest Ohio. You never know in this business, and that’s only one of the things I love about it. I am eternally grateful to my fellow musicians and the patrons of the arts who have made four thousand live music performances a huge part of my past…the present…and the future. 
See you soon, 
Jeff Tucker 
January 2018