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                             Talented, dedicated, passionate friends from New Orleans: 
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arget="cdbaby" style="display:inline-block;background:url( 18p, url( 0px 0px no-repeat;background-size:175px, 211px;height:233px;width:211px;" title="Jeff Tucker: Rock and Roll Soul" alt="Jeff Tucker: Rock and Roll Soul" ></a>
The best shrimp po' boy in all of New Orleans. 
Tell Mr. Sal the kid from EJ who used 
to live in the townhouse with 
the fountain out front sent ya. 
Metairie, LA
The BEST Chinese food! 
Located just north of Toledo on the  
Michigan/Ohio border 
Temperence, MI
INot a microwave oven in sight! 
West Palm Beach, FL 
 a casual Southern-cookin'  
Sunday dinner. 
Bluffton, SC