Music at the Market, Perrysburg, OH (July 6, 2023) 
1.      Get Together (Youngbloods)   
2.      Williní (Little Feat/Linda Ronstadt) 
3.      Going Home to Graceland 
4.      Heart of Gold (Neil Young) 
5.      Boys of Summer (Don Henley) 
6.      Sandman (America) 
7.      Elderly Woman (Pearl Jam) 
8.      Murder in the City (Avett Brothers) 
9.       Fire & Rain (James Taylor) 
10.     Spirit of Natalie 
11.     Up On Cripple Creek 
12.    Woodstock  
13.     Out On the Weekend  
14.     Nobody's Business  
15.     Rock & Roll Soul  
16.     Blood 
17.     Box On the Wall 
18.     Time (Pink Floyd) 
19.     For What it's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) 
20.     You Saved My Life 
1.      Get Together (Youngbloods) 
        Get Together LYRICS / CHORDS 
2.      Williní (Little Feat/Linda Ronstadt) 
        Willin' (jeff solo -demo) 
        Williní (Little Feat/Linda Ronstadt)  LYRICS & CHORDS 
We play it in the Key of G - here's a solo version recorded in G:  
Tom Petty/Heartbreakers live, in the Key of G:    Williní- Tom Petty 
3.     Going Home to Graceland (live) 
       Going Home to Graceland (chords & lyrics) 
4.    Heart of Gold 
      Heart of Gold (chords & lyrics) 
5.   Boys of Summer 
     Boys of Summer (chords & lyrics) 
6.   Sandman (America).mp3 
     Sandman (America) LYRICS & CHORDS 
7.  Elderly Woman (Behind the Counter in a Small Town) 
    Elderly Woman (Behind the Counter in a Small Town) 
8.  Murder in the City 
    Murder in the City (lyrics & chords) 
9.  Fire & Rain 
    Fire & Rain (lyrics & chords) 
10.  Spirit of Natalie 
Spirit of Natalie (chords / lyrics) 
11.  Up On Cripple Creek 
     Up On Cripple Creek (lyrics & chords) 
12.  Woodstock - lyrics & chords 
Woodstock - live (in the key we're playing)  
 13.  Out On the Weekend 
        Out On the Weekend (chords & lyrics) 
 14.  Nobody's Business.mp3 
          Nobody's Business pdf CHART 
15.  Rock & Roll Soul 
       Rock & Roll Soul (lyrics & chords) 
16.   Blood.mp3 
          Blood LYRICS & CHORDS 
17.  Box On the Wall.mp3 
          Box On the Wall LYRICS & CHORDS 
18. Time (Pink Floyd) 
                      Time (Pink Floyd) LYRICS & CHORD 
19.  For What it's Worth 
      For What it's Worth 
20.     You Saved My Life.mp3 
         You Saved My Life LYRICS & CHORDS 
         You Saved My Life pdf CHART